Matthew Hutchings

Client Relations and Program Management senior executive looking for opportunities in Boston, MA from July 2021


I lead global teams to deliver successful, high-profile technology projects and products, and bring a proven track record of growing client accounts from $500,000 to $1M+ while boosting profitability. I win new clients through persuasive presentations and relationship development. My ability to communicate well in writing, my eagerness to reach for the phone, and my enthusiasm for face to face discussion build trust and enduring connections.

My relationship-first approach to management and problem solving reliably leads to contract renewals and high rates of staff retention. As a director I set strategic goals, monitor and demonstrate progress, and course-correct to ensure that objectives are met.

I spent 13 years in online publishing in Oxford and Boston before embracing an opportunity to live in rural Madagascar with my young family for two years. I am excited to return to Boston in July 2021 and begin the next chapter of my career.

In my next position, I am eager to leverage my skills in team leadership, relationship management, and strategy development to measurably improve client satisfaction and team performance, and to set and achieve tactical goals. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

I care about:

  • Social policy, particularly taxation, schools, and transportation;

  • Healthcare, poverty, and corruption in the developing world;

  • Antiracism;

  • Wealth redistribution;

  • Architecture.

I enjoy:

Work History

PIVOT / Communications Advisor and Visitor Support
Dec 2019 – Present

While living in Ranomafana, Madagascar, I am supporting PIVOT’s work strengthening the local healthcare system by:

  • producing video and photography that demonstrates PIVOT’s impact to existing and potential donors and international partners;

  • writing an accessible and comprehensive guide to prepare expats for life in rural Madagascar;

  • supporting new arrivals and visitors in their orientation to the area and the country.

The Sheridan Group / Director of Client Services, KGL PubFactory
May 2017 – Aug 2020

PubFactory partners with prestigious academic and professional publishers to design, develop, support, and enhance industry-leading online content delivery platforms. As a member of the leadership team, I managed a global team of project and product managers, who orchestrated the work of design, engineering, and QA teams to onboard new clients while maintaining and upgrading work for existing clients.

Key accomplishments:

  • With other members of the leadership team, used the EOS methodology (and previously OKRs) to set measurable strategic goals for the entire organization, track progress and implement changes as needed.

  • Reorganized the development process to focus efforts on our core technology platform, and demonstrated the importance and value of this change to our clients.

  • Developed and expanded long-term relationships with industry-leading publishers and partners, securing contract renewals with Bloomsbury, De Gruyter, Harvard University Press, the International Monetary Fund, and Oxford University Press.

  • Presented at industry events and helped PubFactory win new clients including Berghahn, Bioscientifica, Brill, the Journal of Neurosurgery, and Manchester University Press.

  • As a manager, fostered an environment of collaboration, trust, and innovation, leading to strong retention rates for high performers.

  • Recognized by colleagues and direct reports for setting an example of diligence and pride in our work which permeated throughout the PubFactory organization.

O'Reilly Media / Director of Client Services, PubFactory
Sep 2013 – May 2017

The PubFactory platform was purchased by Sheridan from O’Reilly Media in May 2017, becoming Sheridan PubFactory. I retained the Director of Client Services role through the acquisition.

Safari Books Online / Senior Project Manager, PubFactory
Jan 2013 – Sep 2013

  • Grew each of my accounts year-on-year, turning 6-figure accounts into 7-figure accounts.

  • Managed PubFactory’s largest projects, including the design and continuous development of the platform underpinning OUP’s scholarly and reference publishing strategy.

  • Relaunched and, two of OUP’s flagship products.

Safari Books Online was absorbed by O’Reilly Media in September 2013, and with that reorganization, I was promoted to Director of Client Services.

iFactory / Technical Project Manager
Oct 2011 – Jan 2013

iFactory is a digital agency which, when I joined, had a significant presence in online publishing. Having worked with iFactory in my role at Oxford University Press, I was delighted to be offered the opportunity to move to Boston and join the team.

In this role, I managed award-winning and high-visibility projects and products, including:

  • Oxford Scholarly Editions Online, named Best Reference 2012 by the Library Journal;

  • Loeb Classical Library for Harvard University Press, winner of PROSE and Choice awards;

  • Cengage Compose, a revolutionary platform enabling the production of custom books by educators, selecting content from across Cengage’s portfolio.

When iFactory’s PubFactory platform was acquired by Safari Books Online, I was retained by Safari as part of the new publishing team.

Oxford University Press / Project Manager / Consultant
Mar 2010 – Jul 2011

Key projects managed include:

  • The development and deployment of a self-service ecommerce site for OUP’s printing company, supervising external agencies and vendors;

  • A foreign currency management tool integrated with SAP and Documation EDMS;

  • Early stage planning for a Morello platform upgrade of OUP’s corporate website.

Qualification earned: PRINCE2 Practitioner.

Oxford University Press / Assistant Project Manager
May 2007 – Mar 2010

Key projects included:

  • Managing the award-winning original Oxford DNB online product, winner of the 2007 Queen’s Anniversary Prize for Higher Education and the ALA Dartmouth Medal;

  • Assisting in the development of the second Oxford English Dictionary online, OUP’s most prestigious and successful online product;

  • A web analytics project unifying statistics from across OUP’s various academic sites to enable data-driven decision making on future projects and enhancements;

  • Managing relationships with partners and vendors in the UK and US.


Oxford University / Worcester College
Oct 1999 – Jun 2003

Graduated in July 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in French and Linguistics. Awarded a 2.1, with a Distinction in oral French.

Other Skills and Tools

Jira, Confluence, Trello, Asana, MS Project, Smartsheet, NetSuite OpenAir, New Relic, Nagios, Google Analytics, Urchin, Toggl, Slack, Advanced MS Office and Google Suite.

Fluent French and basic German.


6 Malverna Road
Boston, MA 02131